Mining & Land Claims

How will Land Claims work in Star Atlas?

All mining-related equipment is currently closed for sale, unless there is a change, they are set to open for sale at the beginning of the 2022. There are 5 types of Claim Stakes available in the marketplace, rank 5 is the best and rank 1 is the simplest one. In terms of price, the 5 will be the most expensive when it comes out as you can imagine. The tier of the stake determines how wide and deep a developer can excavate the staked claim below

Star Atlas Claim Stake tier 1

While we await more information from the team on how land claim systems will work, we do know a few things…

Firstly, there will be no official land claim in the first phase of resource mining in the minigame. Mining can be completely disconnected from physical locations in the game, fully connected, or a mix of the two. We’ll update this post as we learn more.

For the full 3D game, we expect the terrain demands to flow roughly like this: You’ve discovered a planet, then decide to initiate a Claim that triggers an auction for the land. From what we heard with Product Manager Danny at Town Hall, anyone who discovers the location or buys the location’s data (or perhaps just the entire region) will be notified and will be able to check the status of various auctions, which will continue for a period of 7 days. The team was clear that this is a rough definition, and details such as the duration of these auctions are subject to change.

If an auction is won, the winning party will be required to pay it with ATLAS, the winner will own the land and can begin to build mining rights and infrastructure on the land. The team explained that in the Danger Zone, mining claims can be taken by others who successfully attack and destroy the existing claim. How this will affect the in-game economic balance is still not finalized by the developer team and it is being worked on, I guess that’s why they took the mining thing forward a bit.

How will mining work?

There are currently 4 different structures in the marketplace for your future mining setup, these are:

Claim Stake(explained above)

Power Plant

To extract mineral value from any claimed entity, the owner must first build a Power Plant. It is required to energize the Mining Drill and other mining structures and to extract raw ore, minerals and gases.

Mining Drill

Constructing a Mining Drill powered by a Power Plant will begin the automatic process of extracting materials from the claim below. Auto-sleds load the materials and are ready to transport them to the nearest chosen Space Station.

Space Station

Comes standard with a Trading Deck necessary to tap into the Universal Marketplace, constructing an Orbital Space Station above your Mining Station is the quickest route for prepping your raw materials for a quick sale and advanced crafting recipes.

There is no information available about the prices of these equipment, but it will not be so expensive as we heard so far 🙂

Mining resources are a critical pillar of the Star Atlas economy. To mine, users need to invest in ATLAS for both the necessary infrastructure, crew and demand auction. The extracted resources will be NFTs and with these resources new and better NFTs can be created. As you mine, you’ll gain “mining experience“, and increased mining experience will unlock “increased quality and speed of resource gathering, as well as discounts on labor and maintenance of farm holdings.”

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