How will we earn value in Star Atlas?

Around Dec 9-17, we may see the launch of the SCORE browser minigame. In this, you will be able to deploy your ships and earn ATLAS each day based on the msrp of your ships. The higher the msrp of your ships, the more you will earn in the minigame.

Star Atlas’s development is like an unfolding accordion, it will grow in complexity and features as time goes on, with the release of additional Modules. The first Unreal Engine 5 gameplay comes Q1 next year with the Showroom Module, which is like a garage and marketplace where we can see our assets in UE5 and configure their components etc.

In the full 3d game, players can earn via every ingame loop, and in myriad ways on top of that like starting businesses, hosting events, tourism, etc. The entirety of the Star Atlas economy is founded on limited resources (avoiding the inflation issues that EVE online has for example).

The ingame loops, drastically simplified, are as follows:

Explorers -> scan the unknown and sell data to others, like finding new solar systems and other goodies, including rare artifacts used in research.

Miners/Farmers -> Harvesting resources from planets, can sell for ATLAS, or process further.

Builders -> craft items and mint NFTs with the processed ore. This includes ships, components, infrastructure, etc.

Researchers -> loot found by explorers and other resources can be Experimented with, resulting in new blueprints for more advanced tech being discovered. Researchers can sell these blueprints to others.

Combat -> Ships will earn value by fighting NPCs and other players, getting ATLAS and loot. If a ship is destroyed in the Danger Zone of space, the NFT is burned. Thus completes the economic cycle.

This is detailed much more extensively in the Economic White Paper in useful links page

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