Welcome to the Star Atlas Metaverse

Frequently Asked Questions

So before you get deep dive into Star Atlas Metaverse we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions by newcomers so you can find quick answers here without hours of wandering around aimlessly 😀

As a rule of thumb if website stuck, wallet not connecting, “I can’t see my ships in inventory”, CTRL + F5 (Hard Refresh) and wait 2 minutes before panicking

What is Star Atlas game? Star Atlas is a blockchain-based, space-themed, grand strategy video game built on the Solana blockchain.

Is Star Atlas play to earn? Yes, but you will need to buy ship first and deploy them in missions to earn. It does not matter if you have 20$ ship or 30000 $ worth of ship, you can earn ATLAS according to your ship’s initial market sale price

Am I too late to start, what did I miss?

As of 1.1.2022, you are definetely not late if you want to buy ATLAS and POLIS tokens. You may be little late for purchasing ships because most ships are being traded above their initial market value right now, but not so much. Also do not worry! New ships will be introduced as game develops

Can I play Star Atlas now? Yes! However keep your expectations low for now, currently we have minigame called SCORE which you can deploy your fleet to earn some juicy APR

How to buy Star Atlas coins? You can use FTX centralized exchange , or if you already have phantom wallet and familiar with Solana network you can use raydium.io or Orca.so

I have my coins in ERC20, BSC what should I do? If you have an ERC20 based token there is unfortunately no cheap way to send it to Solana network. If your ETH or USDT is in exchange, you can buy some SOL and send it to your phantom wallet or you can send your ETH to your FTX account and sell it there.
If you are in BSC, cheapest and easiest way is to send your BNB/BUSD to FTX again. YOU DONT need to convert your BUSD to USDC, FTX counts all stable coins as USD except USDT 😉 then you can either buy ATLAS & POLIS in FTX or just send USDC to your phantom wallet

Why FTX? First of all its a user friendly and easy to use exchange, also it was the first CEX Atlas and Polis tokens were listed, there are even FTX exculusive NFT skins for Star Atlas ships! So why not! You can register here

Is it better to invest in Atlas or Polis coin? We can’t give any investment advice, you can refer to https://staratlasguide.com/atlas-polis/ for better understanding, but safest bet is to divide your money equally between Atlas/Polis/Ship NFTs to make diversified investment.

Can I use my Metamask wallet to play Star Atlas and buy ships? No, you need to use phantom wallet. Which is solely built web3 wallet for Solana network transactions and also recommended wallet by Star Atlas!

How to get a phantom wallet? Please follows steps in https://staratlasguide.com/how-to-start-playing/

Can I stake my Atlas and Polis tokens? There is no ATLAS staking and In game staking for POLIS will be available around January 2022, so answer is No for now. However, you can use https://francium.io/app/lend to lend your tokens and earn some risk free yield.

Everytime I click phantom wallet it sends me to download page, what should I do? If that’s the case you are probably using phantom on not supported browser. Supported browsers are Chrome,Firefox,Edge and Brave for now.

How can I send my USDC from ERC20 to Solana network? You can’t. Your best and cheapest option is to buy SOL with your USDC or other stable coins that belong to other networks, then send SOL to your phantom wallet or SOL wallet in your FTX account and swap it for USDC.

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